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the audacious antics during the auditions .. the star heroine

Casting Couch. Already, many celebrities have made open comments that they believe that women give in the name of Casting Couch. This has been a hot topic in the cinema industry for some time now. It was in this context that pop star Jennifer Lopez responded to the same issue with shocking comments. If you go into details ..

Even the casting couch victim is a pop star
Leading pop star Jennifer Lopez has openly stated that she is also a casting couch victim. An unexpected shock gave the director a look at how he behaved. Jennifer recounted her recent appearance at a round table meeting with Hollywood stars Scarlett Johansson, Renee Zellweger, Lupita Nyong and Laura Dern.

A director called me and shirted

“In a movie, a director called me and shirted. He looks at my boobs. I told him it was not possible immediately. I was a bit scared at the time .. But I have been my support. I have a costume designer in the room with me. I was listening to all that the director had said to me, '' Jennifer said.

I want to show there

I would like to show my boobs on set but not in such places. Because at the time I had to act in nude scenes, Jennifer said. At the time, he asked if my shirt was open and Jennifer insisted that they would have done whatever they could.

The costume designer came up to me and said:

"Whenever the director walked out of the room, the costume designer came up to me and said, 'Sorry, that shouldn't have happened,'" Jennifer said. Jennifer later said that the director had told her the same. She said that if I did not have the courage to myself at the time, that would not have changed him.

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